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Spotlight on TU Graz Research

TU Graz SciPix is a photo and video competition held at TU Graz, which focuses the spotlight on the diverse research being carried out at the Styrian research institution. TU Graz employees send in photos and videos to show how colourful and exciting the scientific work at TU Graz is and to provide authentic insights into their daily research life.

In 2022 we enter the second round. The twelve most beautiful photos and videos will be placed on display in a touring exhibition starting in the fall of 2022. The photos will first be displayed on the Campus Alte Technik, then moved on to the Campus Neue Technik and finally displayed at the Campus Inffeldgasse. The exhibition is open to the public…come on by and enter the world of science at TU Graz!

Winners 2022 from FELMI-ZFE

Karin Wewerka und Claudia Mayrhofer Der abgebildete Weinstein („Weindiamanten“) ist das natürliche Produkt von Mineralien und Fruchtsäuren und ein Qualitätsmerkmal des Weins. Das Bild wurde mit einem Polarisationslichtmikroskop aufgenommen.

Robert Winkler The movie shows the additive manufacturing of a complex 3D nanoarchitecture on a wasp eye by using a focused electron beam, which demonstrates the great progress in 3D nanoprinting at TU Graz. The tower consists of PtC nanowires with a diameter of 60 nm.

Harald Plank The movie shows SEM images of a human hair, in which a comic figure is milled with a focused ion beam. It demonstrates the subtractive nanofabrication capabilities of Focused Ion Beam microscopes and gives an intuitive sense of how small nano is.

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