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The best microscope in the world gives poor results if the preparation is lousy.
Ultramicrotomy is a widely adopted and versatile technique which can be utilized to prepare samples for a range of characterization methods.

Do you want to improve or refresh your knowledge? You have difficulties with specimen preparation? You only want to learn the basics, but don’t know where or with whom?

We offer personally designed day courses for (cryo-) ultramicrotomy!

It is possible to bring your own sample, but it is necessary to send exact details about it and the specimen itself to us in the forefront. You will have the opportunity to prepare and analyze them on your own with professional help.

You can also request to have the training carried out at your company.

Organizer: Claudia Mayrhofer
Contact me

Tel.: +43(0)316/873-8347

Language: English or German (as required)
Price:We will be happy to develop a unique offer based on your customized requirements. (incl. course attendance, courseware, break time beverages, lunch)
Place: FELMI-ZFE Steyrergasse 17, 8010 Graz, Austria
Number of participants: min. 5 to max. 8