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DigitalMicrograph™ Script Database

This site presents a collection of DigitalMicrograph™ (DM) scripts and is hosted and maintained by FELMI, Graz University of Technology, Austria. DM is an image acquisition and processing software made by Gatan. The scripts were contributed by different authors from many sites in the world where DM is extensively used. The contents of the database range from simple tasks (e.g. adding annotations to an image) to very complex programs and currently contain 290 scripts submitted by 24 authors from countries all over the world.

At this point help, support, and commitment of all script authors is greatly acknowledged. Without your submissions this site wouldn’t be alive! Thanks for contributing to all of you!


  • Application Related Scripts:
    In this category we combine all scripts that actually do something (e.g. save all open images in TIF format).
  • Demonstration Scripts:
    In this second category we collect scripts that demonstrate the use of a function or a command and can be used as examples for using DM functions.

Additional Information


Links to other DM Scripting Related Sites

  • Gatan’s website is always a helpful site for information about scripting ( Please also check out DM’s help for documentation, explanations, and many more about scripting.
  • On Pavel Potapov’s scripting site you find several useful scripts including an MSA package
  • You may subscribe to the DigitalMicrograph Scripting Users Group (DMSUG) created by Paul Perkes.
  • Christoph Koch’s Software contains several DM scripts as well as other useful tools for working with DM (create AVI animation, calculate FFTs, and others).
  • HREM Research provides some free and some commercial scripts for image processing, simulation, data deconvolution, and more.
  • One of the busiest script programmer, Dave Mitchell, presents his own scripts on the DigitalMicrograph™ Scripting Website.
  • Masashi Watanabe provides scripts about MSA and X-ray utilities on his website.