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Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

FIB/SEM Dual Beam Microscope FEI NOVA200

The NOVA 200 Nanolab is a FIB / SEM dual beam microscope with various possibilities in structural and chemical high resolution imaging (secondary electrons: SE, backscattered electrons: BSE, X-rays), in-depth analyses & 3D reconstruction, 3D structuring down to the nanoscale and ultrathin TEM lamella preparation

FIB / (E)SEM Dual Beam Microscope Quanta 3D FEG

The Quanta 3D FEG is a combined scanning electron / focused ion beam microscopy (SEM and FIB, respectively) with variable operation in high-, low- (10 – 130 Pa) and extended low-vacuum (up to 4000 Pa), summarized in the term environmental SEM (ESEM).