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Publications and Scripting References

This sections contains a list of DM scripting related publications and references.

[1] 2004
V. Hou ; Proc. Microscopy and Microanalysis, Supplement 2, 10, 1380-1381.
A Digital Micrograph™ script for crystal thickness measurements using convergent beam electron diffraction

[2] 2005
DRG. Mitchell, B. Schaffer ; Ultramicroscopy 103(4), 319-332.
Scripting-customised microscopy tools for Digital Micrograph.

[3] 2007
DRG. Mitchell ; Ultramicroscopy 108(4), 367-374.
Circular Hough transform diffraction analysis: A software tool for automated measurement of selected area electron diffraction patterns within Digital Micrograph™.

S. Lozano Perez, J. M. Titchmarsh., Ultramicroscopy 107,(2007) 313-321.
EFTEM assistant: A tool to understand the limitations of EFTEM.

D. R. G.Mitchell, Microscopy Research and Technique, 71 (2008) 588-593.
DiffTools: Electron diffraction tools for DigitalMicrograph.