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At the Workshop on EELS/EFTEM organized by the „Arbeitskreis EELS & EEFTEM“ a hands-on beginners course on scripting in DigitalMicrograph was offered .
The following downloads contain the course material:

Tutorial on Organizing Scripts as Plug-in Packages

This tutorial was created by Bernhard Schaffer (FELMI/ZFE) and David R. G. Mitchell (ANSTO Matrials). It shows how scripts can be installed into the DM menus, and how to create plug-in files containing your own scripts. It gives some example „template“ scripts.

As a follow-up to this tutorial, a user-friendly „package creation“ script was done by DRG Mitchell which allows package-creation and management without scripting capabilities. The script can be downloaded from this homepage as Package Creator script.


Tutorial on Multiple Slices in a LinePlot Display

This “tutorial” was created by Bernhard Schaffer (FELMI/ZFE) during the course of figuring out, how the different slices in a LinePlot display are arranged. It is merely a “memory scratch”, so use it with caution.