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FEI Tecnai 12

In combination with the Bioscan camera, the T12 is a microscope aimed at biological research. However, it is used for a wide range of tasks such as investigations on not only biological samples but also polymers, thin films, fibers, ceramics, powders, single crystals and can also be used for acquisition of 3D tomography tilt series and microanalysis using EDXS.

Key Features

  • EDAX Sapphire Si(Li) detector
  • Gatan Multiscan Camera, Model 794
  • Gatan BioScan Camera, Model 792

Essential Specifications

Maximum Accelerating Voltage: 120 kV
Electron source: LaB6
TEM magnification: 35 x – 700.000 x
TEM point resolution: 0.34 nm

TEM line resolution: 0.20 nm


  • Single tilt
  • Double tilt (±30°)
  • Rotation/tilt
  • Dual-axis tomography (±70°)
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Cryo transfer
  • Multiple specimen