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Philips CM 20

As a fully equipped analytical electron microscope the CM 20 is used in a wide area of tasks such as chemical analyses (EDXS, EFTEM/EELS) as well as classic electron microscopical methods (Bright Field, Dark Field, Selective Area Electron Diffraction, Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction). A Digiscan II control unit also allows using the analytical tools in STEM mode (Spectrum imaging).
The microscope is used for a wide range of both academic and commercial research tasks including work on steel, ceramics, alloys, biological samples, inorganic and organic semiconductor devices, powders, single crystals, polymers and hard metal.

Key Features

  • EDXS: TN-5500 Series II computer, Noran high purity Germanium (HPGe) detector with ultrathin window; detectable elements from Z > 6 (qualitatively and quantitatively)
  • EELS: Parallel EELS within the Imaging Filter (GIF); detectable elements from Z > 3 (qualitatively and quantitatively)
  • EFTEM: Gatan 678 Imaging Filter (GIF) for the acquisition of energy filtered images (elemental maps)with a lateral resolution down to about 1 nm
  • Gatan MultiScan Camera, Model 794 IF

Essential Specifications

Maximum Accelerating Voltage:  200kV
Electron source:  LaB6
Energy resolution EELS:  1.0 eV FWHM
TEM magnification:   25x – 1.000.000x
TEM point resolution:  0.27nm
TEM line resolution:    0.14nm
STEM:   Digiscan II – Model 788 BF, ADF, SE


  • Single tilt
  • Rotation/tilt
  • Heating
  • SEM (STEM)
  • Multiple specimen