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The Zeiss Sigma 300 VP represents the latest development in GEMINI® technology and comprises a fully integrated inlens detector (Inlens) for secondary electrons (SE) and an angle selective backscattered electron (HDAsB) detector.
The Sigma 300 VP offers ultra high resolution for both SE to image surface information and BSE to present compositional information in the high vacuum mode.
Addtionally, a variable pressure (VP) mode is performed using nitrogen as imaging gas at pressures between 10 and 133 Pa.
In this mode SE contrast is realised by the dedicated C2D detector and BSE contrast again by the HDAsB.
Combined with the large multi-port analytical chamber, the fully motorised 5-axes motorised eucentric stage and the GEMINI® high current mode the Sigma 300 VP also offers superb analytical capabilities.

Key Features

  •     Ultra high resolution imaging at low kV
  •     Ideal for precise boundary, feature and particle measurements
  •     High efficiency In-lens SE detector for high contrast surface imaging
  •     BSE imaging with the HDAsB-detector (Angle Selective BSE-Det.) in the high vacuum (HV) mode and the VP (see below)
  •     Variable pressure (VP) using nitrogen as imaging gas at pressures between 10 and 133 Pa for the investiagion of electrically non conductive specimens
  •     C2D detector for the detection of SE in the VP
  •     Ultra stable high current mode for x-ray analysis
  •     Large five axes motorised eucentric stage
  •     Easy operation through Windows® 7 based SmartSEMTM control software

Essential Specifications

• 1.2 nm @ 15 kV
2.2 nm @ 1 kV

Thermal Field Emission Gun (FEG), stability > 0.2%/h

Accelerating Voltage
0.02 kV – 30 kV

Probe Current
4 pA – 20 nA; 40 nA – 100 nA @ high current

 High efficiency In-lens SE detector SE
 HDAsB (Angle selective Backscatter) detector for HV and VP mode
 Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector SE, BSE
 C2D detector for SE in the variable pressure (VP) mode
 EDS Detector Oxford SDD 80 (see below)
 Raman spectrometer Witec RISE (see below)

5-Axes Motorised Eucentric Specimen Stage
 X, Y = 125 mm / Z= 50 mm
 Tilt = -10° – 90°
 Rotation = 360° (continuous)

Image Processing
 Resolution: Up to 3072 x 2304 pixel
 Noise reduction: seven integration and averaging modes
 SmartSEMTM, operated by mouse, keyboard, and joystick with optional control panel

 365 mm(Ø) x 275 mm (h)
 EDS port 35° TOA
 Two CCD-cameras with IR illumination

Additional Methods
 EDS Detector Oxford SDD 80 with special features like large area mapping (LAM), automatic particle analysis etc.
 Raman microscope Witec RISE directly flanged on the electron microscope