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Zeiss Gemini DSM 982

The Gemini DSM 982 was manufactured by LEO Oberkochen (Germany) and is a very versatile scanning electron microscope enabling high resolution imaging (secondary electrons: SE, backscattered electrons: BSE) of surfaces of a great variety of materials.

Key Features

  • Analytical high resolution scanning electron microscope
  • Field emission gun (FEG)
  • EDS detector for elemental analysis even enabling elemental mapping
  • Optional: and cryogenic specimen transfer system (developed at FELMI-ZFE)
  • EBSD detector for crystallography

Essential Specifications

• 1 nm @ 20 kV
• 2.5 nm @ 5 kV
• 4 nm @ 1 kV

Thermal Field Emission Gun (FEG)

Accelerating Voltage
0.1 – 30 kV

Probe Current
Can be measured externly with a Faraday cup

• Everhart Thornley Detector (ETD): SE,BSE
• Solid State Backscattered Electron Detector SSD-BSD: BSE
• EDS Detector Thermo Noran Voyager 3105A

5-Axes Partially Motorised Eucentric Specimen Stage
• X = 50 mm / Y = 50 mm / Z = 25 mm
• Rotation = 360° (continous)
• Tilt = -10 – 70° (manually)

Image Processing
• Resolution: up to 2560 x 2048 pixel
• Dwell: 50 ns – 1 ms per pixel

Additional method

Cryo SEM with cryo sample holder
Electronbackscatter diffraction (EBSD)

MeX – 3D measurement in Scanning Electron Microscopy

The software MeX generates a 3D model from SEM images and visualizes the topography of the specimen. The 3D dataset is calculated based on stereoscopic SEM images that are captured via eucentric tilting of the stage. The main analysis modules compraise profile, area, volume and roughness analysis.