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Alicona Infinite Focus – Light Microscope

InfiniteFocus is an optical 3D micro coordinate system for form and roughness measurement. Measurements achieve a vertical resolution of up to 10nm. This system also operates on large measurement areas and volumes. Its results are traceable and ensure repeatable accuracy.

InfiniteFocus is based on Focus-Variation. The optical technology delivers a measurement density of more than 100 mil measurement points which enables form and roughness measurement of even large measurement areas and volumes. As an area based technology, Focus-Variation is already included in the most recent EN ISO standard 25178.

All measurement modules at a glance

• Profile-Form: measurement of radius, angle etc. of a profile
• 3D-Form: measurement of radius, angle etc. across the entire surface
• Profile-Roughness: profile based roughness and waviness measurement
• Surface-Roughness: measurement of roughness across the entire surface
• Difference: measurement of wear and form deviations
• Volume: volume measurement with automatic calculation of the refe
rence plane
• 2D-Measurement: verification of circles, lines, angles etc.
• Cutting Edge Measurement: radii and angle measurement of tool geometries