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Our skills – your benefits

We are committed to keeping up to date with materials research and to provide the best service to our industrial partners. Our advanced resources range from specimen preparation, scanning and transmission electron microscopy to scanning probe microscopy and X-ray diffraction, vibration spectroscopy, image processing and simulation tools. Our highly skilled team offers multidisciplinary approaches and provides comprehensive support from contract work to collaborative research projects.

Electronics and Semiconductor Devices

The ZFE is one of the leading materials characterisation experts for the semiconductor industry. Relying on a profound experience in device and failure analysis in microelectronics, we focus on new characterisation methods mostly based on electron microscopy.

Environmental Analysis

Understanding the structural and chemical properties of particles in the atmosphere is critical because of their health effects and their influence on the earth’s radiative situation, and hence on our climate.

Paper and Fibres

Paper is a very sophisticated product meeting different performance requirements. Therefore its composition is highly diverse and crucial to its properties. Its surface is often (heavily) coated and contains various components.


Microscopy plays an important role in research and development of new drug formulations, but is also essential for the quality control of pharmaceutical products. Since the size range of pharmaceutical particles and emulsions reaches the lower end.

Steels and Alloys

Materials scientists try to develop alloys and steels that are lighter, stronger and more durable during their use. Therefore, the knowledge of the microstructural characteristics such as crystalline phases, presence of .