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Deben Tensile Stage M5000

Deben MICROTEST tensile stages are primerity designed fore use within the confined space of an SEM chamber.
The may also be used with optical microscopes, AFM, X-Ray Diffraction machines or can just be used as be data logging test modules with no image display.
The modules allow many different materials to be deformed and streched at loads of up to 5kN. The maximum load depends on the load cell fitted.
The Research Institute for Electron Microscopy owns three different loadcells: 125N, 1250N, 5000N.
The choice of speed is manifold and depends on the choice of the motor and the configuration of the gear. the institute owns two motors with enables velocity ranges of 0.02 to 1.5mm/min and 0.05 to 4mm/min.
A windows based UI enables a confortable working with the tensile stage.
The dimensions of the samples can be 60mm* 15mm* 5mm. The free length between the clamps is about 42mm.
A special platform can be attached to the stage to allow the sample temperature to be varied and controlled between -120 and 200C.
In a research project oure institute investigates the correlation of the tensile behaviour of polymers (stress-strain curves) and the changes in the microscopic structure of the material.
In cooperation with the institute of botany of the Karl Franzens University of Graz the fracture behaviour of plant sample was investigated.
The fracture behaviour of textile fibres is another topic of our research work.

Microscopic structure      stress-strain data
mounted in the chamber of a Quanta 600F