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Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis

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With a continuing tradition of excellence, we are trying to bridge the gap between academic research and pratical problem solving as well as industrial needs.

European EELS & EFTEM School
The joint FELMI/European EELS & EFTEM School is an intense 4-day hands-on laboratory workshop that will take you step-by-step through the acquisition and analysis of Energy Filtered TEM (EFTEM) and STEM-EELS data. The workshop will utilize the state of the art facilities at FELMI-ZFE including a monochromated probe-corrected Titan (S)TEM with a DualEELS GIF Quantum EELS system.


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Three-dimensional distribution of individual atoms in the channels of beryl

Three-dimensional distribution of individual atoms in the channels of beryl Daniel Knez, Christian Gspan, Nikola Šimić, Stefan Mitsche, Harald Fitzek, Karl Gatterer, Helmar Wiltsche, Gerald Kothleitner, Werner Grogger & Ferdinand Hofer Communications Materials volume 5, Article number: 19 (2024) Cite this article Abstract Single atom detection in nanoporous materials is a significant challenge, particularly due to their sensitivity to electron irradiation. Here, natural beryl (Be3Al2Si6O18) is used as a model system to quantitatively analyse the occupancy of its atomic channels. High-angle annular dark-field imaging in a scanning…
Margit Wallner
3. April 2024

Easter Calendar

Easter Calendar 2024 Der Frühling kommt, die Blumen beginnen zu blühen! Ermutigt durch die zahlreichen positiven Rückmeldungen zu unserem Adventkalender 2023 und auf allgemeinen Wunsch hin zeigen wir in der Kar-Woche die Pollen einiger schöner Pflanzen, die wir untersucht haben. (more…)
Kaltrina Sahiti
25. March 2024

ACR Start-Up Preis 2023

ACR Start-Up Preis 2023 BRAVE Analytics und das ZFE haben den ACR Start-Up-Preis 2023 gewonnen. Ausgezeichnet wurde die Entwicklung einer neuartigen Technologie zur dynamischen Charakterisierung von Nano-Teilchen. (more…)
Kaltrina Sahiti
20. October 2023

ASTEM – The Story Behind

Being able to see and analyse materials at atomic resolution, has been a strong motivation for improving the electron microscope. However, the resolution of the conventional transmission electron microscope (TEM) was limited to around 0.2 nanometre, which is slightly larger than the diameter of atoms.
26. January 2023